Bought my own house

Last year things fell into place for me and I bought my first house. It needed some work and love but the bones were/are very good 🙂

In January I started getting rid of the wood paneling, stone strips and wallpaper. Damn happy with my parents and friends that helped out a lot when I needed it!
After that we knocked down a wall in the kitchen and closed a wall in the living room to open the space up and make it more usable.

Then came the beautiful task of drilling many holes and installing new electrical conduit so the plasterers could come in and do their thing. There will be a dedicated post on all the electrical stuff since this was one of my pet projects 😀

I have to mention my very nice neighbors, fortunately they have been very understanding of all the noise! I felt so very guilty at times! 😛

Below are a few pictures showing the progress between the 8th of January 2021 and the 2nd of March 2021. More to follow soon! Including details of things like installing electrical conduit, a new junction box, etc. 🙂

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