Calisthenics park in my backyard

2020 and the lock down… Then we got to go out again (to the gym) for a bit followed by more lock down in 2021…
I understand that COVID-19 is a thing with bad consequences for a lot of people, but this does not change the fact that this whole situation around it just sucks.

Usually I go to a climbing gym at least three time a week and now all that is gone, this really got to me last year. I’ve gotten used to the new way of life more now but still I miss climbing and being active to keep me sane. I’m trying to think more about what is possible in stead of what isn’t. If you cant control/influence it there’s no use worrying about it.

To at least get the fitness thing back up and running I thought about building a small climbing wall at home but decided against it since this would be nice for a while but not log term. Then I thought about calisthenics because I feel this is really, really useful for a climber 🙂
Also it felt like it had more added benefit, going to a crag or a climbing gym will always beat a home-setup 🙂

After lots of searching, watching videos and thinking about what I want, I came up with the following design using SketchUp:

All the wood posts(except the two at the end of the dip station) are 12x12x360cm of which 120cm will be in the ground with 2 bags of quick curing concrete. The two posts at the end of the dip station are 12x12x250cm of which 120cm will be in the ground.
All the metal bars are 27mm except for the dip station, those are 33mm. For the metal bars I’m using galvanized scaffolding pipe with pressure fit connectors to securely connect them to the posts.

I will be building this setup in sections because the total cost of the required materials would be well around €1750,- right now, which is a bit much to spend at once.
The dip station and the high pull-up bar (2,2m high) will come first, at a cost of €685,-

The rest of the square pull-up bar area and the lower bar (1.5m high) will be built after that which will add up to an additional cost of around €380,-
The Monkey bar section will come last. I’m thinking about including a Salmon ladder in the back next to the pull-up bar section to act as an alternate start to the Monkey bar section 🙂
That cost of that last section will be around €670,-

The cost for the initial setup can be broken down to the following:

  • Concrete: €80,-
  • Wood posts: €260,-
  • Rubber treatment paint and anker screws for the posts: €20,-
  • Scaffolding pipes and clamps: €240,-
  • Nuts and bolts: €85,-

The cost for the addition of the remaining pull-up bars:

  • Concrete: €50,-
  • Wood posts: €180,-
  • Rubber treatment paint and anker screws for the posts: €0,- (still have enough material left)
  • Scaffolding pipes and clamps: €120,-
  • Nuts and bolts: €30,-

Then the additional cost for the final setup with the Monkey bars:

  • Concrete: €45,-
  • Wood posts: €430,-
  • Rubber treatment paint and anker screws for the posts: €20,-
  • Scaffolding pipes and clamps: €150,-
  • Nuts and bolts: €25,

Not something I will be building right away and in one go but it’s good to have that goal to work towards 😀

And there will be a video to document the build on my YouTube channel at a later date. And of course I’ll be posting pictures here on my website and on my Instagram as soon as I’m working on it 😀

Site update

I have decommissioned my old website and imported everything from that site here. Consolidation is key and I want to make this a central place for everything me. I may not be posting a lot but this way I can keep things organized 🙂

Bought my own house

Last year things fell into place for me and I bought my first house. It needed some work and love but the bones were/are very good 🙂

In January I started getting rid of the wood paneling, stone strips and wallpaper. Damn happy with my parents and friends that helped out a lot when I needed it!
After that we knocked down a wall in the kitchen and closed a wall in the living room to open the space up and make it more usable.

Then came the beautiful task of drilling many holes and installing new electrical conduit so the plasterers could come in and do their thing. There will be a dedicated post on all the electrical stuff since this was one of my pet projects 😀

I have to mention my very nice neighbors, fortunately they have been very understanding of all the noise! I felt so very guilty at times! 😛

Below are a few pictures showing the progress between the 8th of January 2021 and the 2nd of March 2021. More to follow soon! Including details of things like installing electrical conduit, a new junction box, etc. 🙂

Also posted on my Instagram

RiCor is live!

Hello World!

I have often wanted a place of my own to share the stuff I do from networking, to DIY to electronics. I always feel it is important to share what you know with others as it helps everyone to grow and become better at what they do. I am always happy when I find out someone else did the same or is willing to do so when asked.

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