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Hello World!

I have often wanted a place of my own to share the stuff I do from networking, to DIY to electronics. I always feel it is important to share what you know with others as it helps everyone to grow and become better at what they do. I am always happy when I find out someone else did the same or is willing to do so when asked.

Last year I finally built a modest workshop in my garage which I will post in the DIY section very soon. The bench has already been worth it’s wait in gold when I did some DIY or when I worked on electronics. It’s so nice to have a good bench to work on with your stuff nearby 🙂

Currently I am working on a prop from the movie ‘Tron Legacy’. A project that took root in my mind almost a year ago at the second Dutch Comic Con. About a month ago I finally started working on it! That project also prompted me to finally launch this website and post a thread on The RPF.

Edit 2021-03-21: updated this posts title since I migrated my old site. It used to be RiCor, but since the change I wanted to avoid confusing titles.


End Of Line.

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